I am so excited about the Rafting Trip! This is going to be the best week of your summer! On the trip you will experience the beautiful north Georgia weather, incredible mountains, intense rafting and you will spend time with some incredible people, developing deep friendships that can last a lifetime. We hope that every student experiences the awesome love of God during this trip and that you will never be the same because of it!

General Information:

The Trip Cost is $260. There is some scholarship money available for anyone in need of financial assistance. Contact KyleL@clearwatercommunity.org for questions.

We travel by vans to Tennessee and our lodging is at YMCA Camp Ocoee. Girls and Boys have separate cabins.

We will have 8 adult chaperones and around 40 students.

On the 6 day trip, 2 days are spent traveling. We spend 2 days rafting, on two different rivers. The Ocoee River (more intense) and the Hiwassee River (more laid back). The other 2 days are spent hiking, on the Lake, and visiting local attractions.

We gather each day for teaching and worship as a spiritual element of the trip.

We hold students to a behavioral standard and expect that by signing up for the trip, that they are agreeing to abide by the rules to keep everyone safe. These rules include but are not limited to: Staying out of the opposite gender's restricted cabin space, staying inside their cabins during overnight curfew, and not bringing any prohibited items on the trip. Failure to follow these basic rules will disqualify a student from future events with CSM.

The COVID-19 pandemic threatened the possibility of this trip. At this time we feel that the danger posed to teens due to the covid virus is reasonably low enough to move forward with the trip. We have always been concerned with the safety of the teens on our trip and that concern for safety continues this year. There will be a few additional practices this year in response to the virus: temperature checks upon check-in and a whole lot of hand sanitizer to name a few!

We look forward to this trip and expect that big things will come from this time!

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